.:MagicTan:.  Preparation & Post Tan Maintenance


Pre Tan Preparation

The day of your spray tanning exfoliate your entire body, paying close attention to your face, neck, chest, elbows, hands, knees, top of feet and ankles, as these areas tend to have drier skin. Using a face cloth, exfoliating mitt or loofah is recommended as is the use of a pumice stone on feet.   Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells that could result in uneven tanning and fading. Exfoliation will promote even coverage and help to prolong the life of your tan. Use an exfoliating scrub that is water-based and does not contain oil.

Avoid moisturizing soaps, they may alter your skins ph balance which may cause unfavorable results. It is best to shave or wax at least 8 hours prior to tanning.

Skin should be clean and free from moisturizer, oil, perfume, makeup or deodorant , as they act as a barrier and will prevent the DHA (dyhydroxyacetone) spray solution from directly contacting the skin and will alter your tan.   

What to Wear

Wear dark, loose fitting clothes, flip flops, or sandals. If you choose to wear clothing in the spray booth, wear old or dark colored items. The spray tan solution contains DHA and will wash out of most clothing fabrics but may stain, particularly wool, silk and nylon materials.

Post Tan Care

Immediate results will be seen after application of the solution, this is due to the bronzer that has been added as a cosmetic effect. The bronzer will give the immediate appearance of a bronze tan. Do not be alarmed when you observe bronzer washing off during your post tan shower, this is normal and simply the cosmetic bronzer. This will not affect the final result, which will develop over an approximately 12 - 24 hour period.

Observing the following guidelines immediately after spray tanning will help you achieve optimal outcome and longevity of your tan:

    * Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing

    * Avoid exercising or perspiring as it may alter the reaction of the solution with your skin  

    * Avoid swimming , showering or immersing in water

    * Avoid applying moisturizer

    * Avoid wearing shoes and socks –sandals or flip flops are best

Post tan showers: 8  hours is optimal – this time allows the solution to react with the amino acid of your skin. The longer you wait to shower the longer your tan will develop and the better the result.


Apply moisturizer the morning and evening following  your post tan shower. Keeping your skin well hydrated is essential!

Products to Avoid

v      * Hair inhibiting moisturizers may discolor your tan

v      * Products containing alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic and salicylic acids

v      * Retin-A type products

v      * Anti-cellulite or anti aging products

v      * Daily use of a loofah, or exfoliating mitt – use a wash cloth or shower puff only

v      * Exfoliating scrubs – exfoliants will shorten the life of your spray tan

When it’s time to shower make it a quick and warm (not hot) shower and use a mild moisturizing shower gel – avoid bar soaps, especially deodorant types. Gently pat your skin with a soft towel and while still damp liberally apply a good moisturizer. Continue to moisturize at least twice a day. We recommend a moisturizer with tan extender; Tinted Love, Rain and Hempz are excellent moisturizers and will help lengthen the life of your tan. Your tan will fade gradually over the following 5-8 days; just like a suntan, proper maintenance is key. Of course the life of a spray tan will vary greatly; many factors play a part, pre-tan preparation, post-tan care and maintenance, moisturizing and lastly – skin cell loss; which is different for every person.

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